Concept and Painting: A Conversation with Robert C. Morgan


Robert C. Morgan is an internationally renowned critic, artist, poet, historian, educator and author of the book The End of the Art World. Concept and Painting, an exhibition of the artist and critic Robert C. Morgan is now on view at Proyetos Monclova in Mexico City. The show opened on March 23rd and runs through April 29.

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I first met Robert when we both taught on Fridays at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. We were in different departments, but at midday we each went off campus for lunch. On one of those days, we found ourselves at a restaurant, waiting for dining companions who never arrived. Rather than dining alone, we began a series of conversations, of which this is the latest. On Friday April 7, I sat down with Robert at his home near Union Square to learn more about the exhibition.

Listen to our conversation:

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